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About Neighborly Lawn Care

At neighborly lawn care our customers are our neighbors, so we treat our valued clients and their lawns with the same amount of courtesy that we would wish to receive. The principal way in which we demonstrate this like any good neighbor is through communication.

One of the ways we tend to our customers is we discuss our work with you at your door. We make sure we talk face to face with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have, unlike some other companies. Another way in which we do this is through our live phone service. When you call Neighborly Lawn Care you won't be getting an answering machine on the other end of the line. Instead you will find one of our friendly associates who will speak with you about your lawn's individual needs. Finally, we utilize new media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. This way we ensure we have an open connection with our customers to ensure they are up to date on all our company's proceedings as well as any special offers we may be having. We also love having Neighborly chats with all our customer's.

While communication is extremely important to us and our customers, the only thing more important is the quality of the work we do. Attention to detail is what we would expect out of a lawn care service if we were a customer so we treat our client's lawns with the same level of quality. An aspect of this is how we clean up after one of our sessions is done. Most other lawn care companies simply want to get the job done as quickly as possible then receive payment. But we make sure to clean up grass clippings and any stray material that would despoil the overall yard's aesthetics.

Another aspect to this is in the character of our lawn cutting. We sharpen our blades and fine tune our equipment after each lawn care session to make sure we deliver beyond expectation each time. Another commonly glanced over detail is ease of payment. Our customers don't have to hassle with checks or cash but rather use our convenient system to pay online at any time. But to demonstrate this doesn’t nearly describe the full breadth of service we provide.

Neighborly Lawn Care is dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of your lawn just as if it were our own. An example of this would be the unique way in which we cut your grass. We have a system in place to ensure your grass is cut a different direction each time thus preventing potential ruts in the lawn. Another part of our lawn service includes edging and trimming. We make sure not to edge too deep or too far to ensure your lawn has a pristine crisp cut. Additionally we offer a thorough mulching service. Proper mulching keeps beds moist and prevents weeds as well as making the beds look wonderful. One final service we provide for a great lawn is flower bed maintenance. We do this to protect our customer's flowers and improve the overall look of the lawn. Whether it be quality service you can trust or our open communication with our clients, we hope our customers see us as their neighborly lawn care right down the street.

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